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Tamper Proof Labels

Tamper proof labels are essential for protecting your product warranties, as they cannot be removed intact. They are an effective deterrent against theft or illegal move. Security seals offer a dependable method of rendering something tamperproof.
Temper proof labels are available in two materials:

  • Destructible Vinyl: Once applied, this label cannot be removed in one piece. The label will chip like a hardboiled eggshell when scratched    or peeled. It has a tendency to stretch and rip rather than peel. The result is a ruined security label that comes to pieces if someone tries    to remove it.
  • Void Polyesters: This durable polyester leaves behind the word "VOID" if somebody removes it from its place. These are available in white    and chrome silver.

Colour Tamper Proof Labels
Colour Tamper Proof LabelsOur company manufactures colour tamper proof labels using the latest technology and modern machines. These are used to protect high security appliances like electric power meter and others, from any kind of tampering. A good example of this type of security seal is a state automobile inspection sticker.

White Tamper Proof Labels
White Tamper Proof LabelsTogether with coloured labels, we also deal in white tamper proof seals. Our company offers customized tamper proof labels, which are manufactured as per the specifications described by our clients. These labels are known for promising security and are available at most competitive prices.

Tamper Proof Labels
Tamper Proof LabelsWhen you put a label on a product, you generally want it to stay there. There are conditions in which it is crucial to know when someone has tried to remove it. This is where security labels and seals are indispensable.

We are one of the foremost manufacturers of tamper proof labels, which are used for asset tagging and warranty seals. These tamper proof labels act as security of tamper resistant labels. We manufacture these labels in standard specification and as per the requirements of our clients. These are available in various sizes, colours and shapes at most reasonable prices.

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